Download smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 New Version free

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Free download smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 Latest version - smadav antivirus has updated latest version, there is smadav 10.5 which has added 640 new virus database. Now with presence smadav latest version, for those of you who do not have it then you can free download smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 now

Download gratis smadav antivirus versi terbaru

Free download smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 latest version

A growing number of emerging range of new virus variants are more sophisticated and increasingly clever in doing / infect a computer so we need to anticipate that our computers can be tough and not easy to be attacked by a virus that is very harmful and could even make your computer's operating system is damaged.
Security of a computer of a virus attack can be seen from several factors that exist, one of which is the use of existing antivirus / installed on the computer. With so many viruses are evolving rapidly make us to always install an antivirus on computer and we are also expected to always update antivirus that we use in order to remain capable and reliable in providing protection to the computer.

The presence of Smadav Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.5 is really to give answers to the seriousness of smadav to further improve and refine this antivirus so much better. The success of this antivirus is no doubt, from the most visitors to my blog, most of searching "Smadav Antivirus". 

Smadav antivirus 2016 latest version rev. 10.5 coming and prioritize key features that had been applied also in previous versions. Some of them may already be great among the smadav 10.5 is the addition of 640 new virus database, of course with the addition of a data base will increasingly make smadav 10.5 is more reliable than previous versions. Some excellent features are still retained are:

- Cleaner and tools to clean virus.
Ability smadav antivirus is able to detect, cleanse and repair registry that has been ravaged by a virus. an antivirus is expected to be able to clean the virus is detected and smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 is also able to fix the registry that has been damaged by the virus. Smadav antivirus is able to fix registry has been marred by several types of viruses.

- Updates are not too frequent, smadav antivirus update about once a month so for those of you who use / do not have internet access then smadav could be right choice. for smadav update usually one or several months.

- Best usb antivirus, smadav have a mission to make computer safe from attacks that come through the usb flash, allowing you stay comfortable when you're using the flash as a medium for the exchange of data and also do not need to fear your computer is attacked by viruses that come in through your usb drive .

- Smadav antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 is very compatible, smadav as additional protection for your computer is highly compatible with other antivirus. So you can still install other antivirus together with smadav 10.5
. You can use AVG antivirus with smadav together, Kaspersky antivirus, Avira antivirus, Avast antivirus and others.

smadav Free = smadav pro, has same detection capabilities. The difference in smadav free not have auto update features and some other features.

antivirus 2016 rev. 10.5 Free version and between smadav pro and free has quite same ability, but if you want to use smadav pro there is a little difference with smadav free, there are :

- Password admin
- Automatic updates online
- Scanning faster
- Maximize / resize
- Exeption List
- Change Color theme
- Permits the use of profit

So I think for non profit use, Smadav Free Version is a pretty good choice, although free but smadav (free version) has a powerful ability to detect viruses, particularly viruses that come / to attack via USB stick.

Try to use antivirus smadav 2016 rev. 10.5 new version , you can download it now :

Hopefully posting about free download antivirus smadav 10.5 can be useful and beneficial for you.

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