Tips to Choosing a Domain Name

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Tips to Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a domain name is a website or blog should not be underestimated. Choosing a domain name for your web must unique and it is not an easy matter.

Actually, it is up to you to choosing domain name and indeed all people are entitled to give any domain name website / blog, but it is good we must also consider the terms of the effectiveness of the name, especially for websites / blogs that specialize for business. Domain names are obviously very influential in maximizing the purpose of the website.

- The domain name must match the content and the content on your website / blog.
The content of a website / blog must match the domain name (at least post / article on a website / blog is still something to do with the domain name). In addition it could be to maximize SEO, because when visitors type in certain keywords on google then most likely your website / blog that we can get some dual results from a google search, the first thing we can get from the domain name corresponding to the second keyword and content in the blog / website. It would obviously be a double benefit for us.

- The domain name must be SEO friendly .. was associated also with tips first ..
Domains that match certain keywords make our website can be easily tracked by Google when visitors type in keywords that they are looking for ..

- The domain name is easy to remember and not too long ..
The domain name that is not easy to remember and too long of course that will make visitors want to come back to visit website / blog to be extra hard to remember and perhaps even forgetting your website address. So choose catchy blog name.
If you want your name as the domain name of your website / blog so do not be too narcissistic, give your domain name with your full name ( i think not good), choose the part of your name easy to remember as a domain name.

- Choose a domain name that is unique / funny but memorable.
The domain name is unique, making the visitors were impressed and will always remember it.

- Avoid 3x repetition of words in the domain name ..
Domain names with lots of repetition of words can create a website / blog is considered spam by Google, so you must avoid repeating the word in domain names, ex:

Avoid domain name that is too much repetition of the word if you want your website / blog not considered spam by Search engine
So a few tips that might inspire you to give domain name website / blog ..

Maybe that's all I can write, hopefully useful for you all.

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