What is a blogroll and benefits?

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Have you ever heard a blogroll and you do not know what exactly the blogroll ?

In general, in my opinion. blogroll is a medium (can be a frame or otherwise) which contains a set of links to a blog address / website is intentionally installed by the owner of the blog as a means to exchange links with other blog owners, so that the outline can also be interpreted as a blogroll a container / place for a blogger to exchange links with other bloggers in order to establish good relationships with other bloggers and as a means to grow our backlink on other blogs.

example of a blogroll:

Tempat Berbagi informasi serta tips dan trick

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cara mudah mengetahui blog dofollow

Alexa rank dan manfaatnya

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the example above is a simple blogroll..

Look for blogs / websites that have high page rank and ask to exchange links, swap links with a blog / website that has a high PR then chances are your website / blog you can also famous ..

we should not be stingy also to exchange links with other bloggers, at least to strengthen relationship with other bloggers .

But we also need to consider the quality of those links, get a lot of links that are not qualified can detrimental to our blog .. Look for blogs that have high PR and high quality and ask to exchange links, but it's hard sometimes to exchange links with blogs that are well known, they are sometimes too scared ranking them down ... so I say many thanks for the friend of all who are willing to exchange links with this blog is still battered ..

Hopefully this can be useful for you ..

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