how to hide rar file in a image file

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In this post I want to give a tips on how to hide a file in an image file ..

You can hide a variety of files in a text file including images, music, video or other file types ..
Hiding files in pictures deemed necessary, for example, the file is very important and you do not want others to access it, or because of other things that cause you have to hide the file

OK.. let us try to hide a file in a JPG image ..
for this time I want to create an *. rar file that is hidden in an image file.

First create a folder called exercise (ie you created on drive D: / training)
Then, after that copy all the files that you would hide and an image file to a folder that we created earlier practice ..

After that, go on a training folder (make sure you have the software to compress files like winrar, winzip or otherwise) and click all the files to be hidden and then right click and add to training.rar ..

After that, open a DOS comand how to click start - run - cmd ..
After being on DOS Command and go on the folder located at D: \ training
on the DOS command step we have to do is go on drive D:.
to get in on drive D: should we type in the DOS command is Type: "D:"

then after entering on drive D:, then we go on a training folder.
At the DOS command we type: "cd training" ..

Once we get in on drive D: / training on the DOS Command, the next step is to type: "copy / b 2.jpg + training.rar hide_training.jpg" then press enter
When there is confirmation of your files on a DOS Command, it means you've successfully made training.rar files hidden in an image file with a name hide_training.jpg

Note: The above code can match you with the name of the file you wish to use
For the above code, 2.jpg is the image file that will be used to hide the RAR file,
while training.rar is the file we are going to hide, then hide_training.jpg is a new file name you'll use ..

To open a file that contains training.rar on hide_training.jpg, you just right click and open with winrar hide_training.jpg or open with windows picture and fax viewer, if you just want to see the image file only.

You are still confused with my explanation above, try to practice immediately so that you can immediately understand and know about them or you can find other references that are still in touch with my posting this.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope my posting this time could be useful and be an inspiration for you ..

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hide a file in a JPG image is a good trick


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uga18hunter said...

itu file hide_training.jpg kalo di buka atau double klik,
munculnya "No Preview Available" atau muncul gambar?

Andrea Suyoko said...

@ uga ; kalau di double klik munculnya gambar, sedangkan bila ingin menampilkan file rar yang kita sembunyikan caranya klik kanan lalu open with (buka dengan) WInrar..

@All : thank you for visiting my blog..

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