What is Backlink & how to find backlinks that point to your blog / website

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Previously, I want to give a little explanation of what it is backlink. Backlinks can be text or images, where image / text leads to a certain web address .

Backlinks divided into 2 categories, namely internal and external backlinks ...
Internal backlink is a link where the link leads / go to an article / section of the blog, while the external backlink is a link that leads to your blog / website belong to us,
external backlink is a link that leads to your blog / website from other blogs, usually backlinks like this in the can by exchanging link among bloggers or also by commenting on blogs dofollow ..

Backlink considered a magic formula in the current SEO techniques., From the above two categories of backlinks, external backlinks are the most influential to increase traffic to your blog / web us, to get more traffic then diligently search for backlinks, but we also have to choose what backlinks just a quality to increase our blog traffic, of which we have to find a backlink from a blog / website with high PR.

With so many backlinks that point to our blog then chances are your blog indexed by google more wide open.

To search for backlinks we also can hunt on dofollow blogs. With comments on blogs dofollow then automatically we will get a backlink from a blog. so my advice to comment when visiting a blog, particularly in dofollow blogs .. we also have to be friends with other bloggers to exchange links. In addition we could submit our blog to a social bookmarking site.

After learning a bit about what it is backlinks ..
So how do we know how many external links that point to our blog, Just visit the following link :

Hopefully this simple article can be useful for all ..

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Tips dan Triks Blog said...

very useful sob.. hehe

RichardSmith said...

Hey! This is a great article on Back link. As you describe Back link is a path from one website to another although both sites are different in structure and design, the theme should be same. It helps the visitor to surf among different websites of same theme to get a detailed information about the thing he is searching for. Again, it is vital for web page rating in Search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and MSN, etc.

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Bayu Aldi Yansyah said...

yeah this article are very usefull for newbie blogger to SEO my blog :)

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backlink very important to increase our blog traffic..

harga notebook said...

follow back success, thanks for great explanation..

how to backlink said...

interesting info ... thank you

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Bharath said...

This is good information for beginners

Internet Marketing Solo said...

Your information is very good. Important to me. I will use to build quality backlinks. so my blog up position, traffic a lot. Thank you very much

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