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For those of you who like to play games on your computer, visualboy advance is one option that is right for playing your favorite games with Visualboy advance (VBA Emulator).

What is Visualboy advance (VBA Emolator)?
Visualboy advance emulator (VBA Emulator) is a software emulator to play the game..
Games can be played with VBA is a game with that type category Rom *. gba, *. gb, *. Gbc
Games can be played with this emulator is a game similar to that of the nintendo, like super mario, moto gp, magaman, ninja turtles, pokemon, dragonball and many others ..

Excellence played a game with a visual boy advance is easy to use and does not burden the computer, because the games we played was similar games nintendo then the file size small and fast loading so as to computers with low specifications are not too difficult to run this application.
play your favorite games with visualboyadvance also be more fun, because the support with a joystick and you can save your game so that it can continue later ...

to play your favorite games with visualboyadvance (VBA emulator), what is needed:
- Visualboyadvance emulator application (VBA Emulator)
- Rom Games (*. gba, *. gb, *. GBC)
Sometimes there is also VBA emulator ROM bundled with the game,

For free download please click Download VBA emulator

For free download please click Download Rom

for free download VBA Emulator + motogp rom please click Download

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